What we grow...


Gansett Points - our signature oysters tide crafted in floating cages where they are constantly being jostled which creates a clean uniform  shell inside and out, a deep cup and a firm meat - grown within 12 inches of the surface where the most abundance of food is - nourishing our oysters giving them a unique briney flavor,


Winter Pearls - Our tide-tumbled premium farmed oysters  - grown using the flip-bag technique used on the west coast we have the only farmed oysters in Rhode Island and one of the first on the east coast using this method. Our oysters are hung in specially constructed bags that hang on lines strung thru posts along our farm where they tumbled constantly thru every tide and hang dry during the low - this creates a smaller large cupped perfect oyster with a full firm meat - a sweet adductor muscle - a hard clean inside and out shell - a uniform shape -consistently 5 star rated this is a must try for the true oyster  aficionado - this is a limited supply grown oyster available each  fall into the winter while supplies last.

Fuglys - Originally these oysters were cast-offs, oysters that we felt not worthy to be on the plates of the restaurants we service. Some were stuck together, some were mishapen, some were just slow growers - banished them to the north forty of the farm to live out their lives growing on the bottom - an area we called fugliville. One day while visiting the farm award winning Executive Chef Richard Silvia shucked one of these oysters and wondered out loud why we were not selling them as they had a very unique taste. Fuglys have an immediate Briney taste followed by aclean fresh taste of ocean seaweed with a sweet minerally finish - Fugly as they are they have an outstanding taste!